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A shot from my portfolio
My model portfolio

About Marusya: Fashion Model and Scout

I'm a fashion model and scouting manager living in Moscow. is my personal web site. I help young talents to find a model work outside Russia. Currently I have partnering model agencies in Italy, Korea and Japan.

Why I'm not targeted to the local market? I've typed a detailed FAQ for Russian girls in Russian. Of course, the basic reasons are more job and more money.

If you're interested in inviting the models from Russia and C.I.S., please mail me to get access to information about currently available models. Most of photos are available to my partners only.

Same time, I work as a model, that's why I placed my portfolio here. Please mail me if you are about hiring me as a model.

What's next?
  • Become a partner
  • Public galleries of fashion models

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    Shameless promotion of this web site designer:

    His name is Ivan Boyko, his web site is and there are two reasons why he was involved in creating this site:
    1. He is my husband :)
    2. He is a great professional, doing web site design, icons for Windows XP, user interface design for US companies.


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